Taemin – 1st Album ‘Press It’ Highlight Medley v1.0


The much anticipated solo comeback of SHINee’s Maknae is fast approaching! The clock is ticking and SM Entertainment gave us a taste of what his 1st Full Album will be.

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Rediscovering My Taste In Music

So it’s like one minute, I was working on my overdue papers for the office. Then, boom! I had an epiphany, many thanks to random genre-based playlist in Spotify.

You know that song in 50 First Dates? The one that Mark Mcgrath revived in the 2004? Well, if not, maybe you should consider listening to it as you continue reading down below.

(I think they didn’t make an official music video for his version of Ghost In You, but do watch the video. I swear the synthesizer graphics are hypnotizing. Haha Okay, I’m talking too much.)

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