On Bloodletting & Volunteer Work

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When you’re sitting in your favorite cafe minding your own business and suddenly a lady giving out photocopied leaflets of what looks like a cheap bazaar or worse a shady loan offer, seriously, what would you do? I bet you would easily dismiss the lady and tell her you are no way close to interested, right?

Well, it actually happened to me just now. Minutes ago, a lady wearing this a pair of brush pants and a Dri-Fit shirt with a large print that says Volunteer Firefighter approached me boldly even if I looked like I wasn’t interested. She politely excused herself and smiled as she waited for me to turn my head to acknowledge her and take the leaflet she was giving me. I know, I know. I sounded like I’m the bitchiest person in the planet, but you can’t blame me if I get easily irritated with people who give away stuff like that. I mean, some of them would even shove it to your face and get angry if you tell them you’re not interested. But not with this one.

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Dealing With Unfinished Business

Two thousand fifteen was a really tiring, yet exciting year. It does deserve it’s own post, which I promise to do soon. Haha I had a lot of plans that did and didn’t work out last year. For the ones categorized on the latter, I decided to carry over some of them this year. I mean, I actually feel bad that I didn’t get to do them. So yes, I am going to make an effort to finally cross them out on my to-do list this year.

My 2016 list is pretty long and ambitious, so I will not share everything in this post – it also deserves a separate post so… Haha Anyway, I’m rumbling, so let me get to the point.

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