Fanfic Fridays

When I can’t sleep at night, I blame either one of two things: I’m having another bad case of insomnia or I’m reading a really good fanfic that I can’t put down.


I started reading (and writing) fanfics when I was in high school due to unsatisfying endings of the some books I was reading or TV series I was watching. Since then, it made me wonder and think about “what ifs,” come up with different, crazy scenarios in every piece of entertainment I encounter: What will happen if Todd ends up with the wrong twin? What if Viktor Krum (or maybe Draco Malfoy haha) pursues Hermione much to Ron’s distaste? Will Mark and Lexie get married if they survived the plane crash? What will happen to Padme if she lived and knew about Anakin’s choice? What if Samwise beared the ring instead of Frodo (or what if Sam and Frodo were into each other hahaha)? What if Oliver told Felicity the truth about his son? It got crazier when I started reading fanfics on Kpop idols (I swear don’t get me started hahaha).

…And the rest is history. To this date, I can say that I’ve read more fanfics (and these are really good ones) than books.


These fics deserve to be read, especially the ones written excellently. So I wish to recommend them and make you experience a free fall into the rabbit hole of another universe.

So how does Fanfic Fridays work exactly?

  1. At least one (1) recommended fanfic (one-shot or multichap) will be posted every Friday… or maybe every other Friday, depending on how busy I am with work.
  2. Original link to the fic will be included, so authors and their web pages will be recognized properly.
  3. A short snippet of the story will be written in each post.
  4. FYI, not all fics are kid-friendly. Some of them are for matured readers only. We’ll include any trigger warnings and ratings, so it’ll be solely up to you if you want to click and read.

I don’t have any strict criteria. Just as long as it was written well or has a really interesting or nerve wracking plot twist or simply that the characters connect to the readers well, in turn the latter “ships” the former, then I guess that’s it.

Please bear in mind that I am not a critic. I’m just a fan who likes to read and explore possibilities of alternate endings. As of the moment, I am more inclined reading Kpop, The Flash, and Arrow fanfics, but I will try my best to mix some of my former addictions and maintain a good variety.

I am also looking forward to your recommendations. Just mention me in Twitter, @geeklikeoxygen, with the link of your fanfic recommendation and I’ll try my best to read it when I can.

Check out the previous posts made under Fanfic Fridays through The Map (Fanfic Fridays category) or The Portal (Fanfic Fridays tag) at the side panel. Happy reading! 🙂


Let me know your thoughts

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