[FANFIC FRIDAYS] Love Her and Keep Her

Because you need 101% Hanbin feels before reading this fic. So let me help you…


“Today is the first day of your third year in high school – well it will be if you make it on time.”

How is this even possible? But wait a minute, it was today that he will meet Sarang for the first time. God gave him a second chance and there was no possible way he was going to allow mistakes this time.

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[YEAR-END POST] Paw-printing 2016

Photo grabbed from @michelleobligacion #isabeLUH

Note: No photo stealing please. Do not take out an my photos out of my blog. Thanks!

I don’t believe in luck. However, I always tell my friends that I think years in multiples of eight have its magic on me. I’ve always considered 2008 as one of the best years of my life (hahaha I’ve so much to say about this, but maybe in another post). And now that 2016 is about to come to an end, I have to say that it has the same magical feels as that of 2008.

2016 is the year of saying yes… and no. It is the year I travelled A LOT and the year that had so much attachment to the word adulting. It was crazy, but I have to say it was worthwhile and I can definitely say that I am not the same person I was when this year started. Naks! Haha

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[PAWPRINTING PLACES] Weddings and Staycations

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Last February 6, 2016, my childhood best friend, whom I love for life, finally tied the knot with her fiance. The very lovely ceremony took place at around 2pm in Sto. Domingo Church (where all the possible nostagia for us can happen haha).

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[FANFIC FRIDAYS] All About Us (A Love Triangle)

Listen to the song first before reading the fic. 😉

“Do you hear that love? They’re playing our song,” you sing quietly.

“Do you think we’re ready yet? Oh, I’m really feeling it,” he sings back, right on cue.
“Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?”

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On Bloodletting & Volunteer Work

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When you’re sitting in your favorite cafe minding your own business and suddenly a lady giving out photocopied leaflets of what looks like a cheap bazaar or worse a shady loan offer, seriously, what would you do? I bet you would easily dismiss the lady and tell her you are no way close to interested, right?

Well, it actually happened to me just now. Minutes ago, a lady wearing this a pair of brush pants and a Dri-Fit shirt with a large print that says Volunteer Firefighter approached me boldly even if I looked like I wasn’t interested. She politely excused herself and smiled as she waited for me to turn my head to acknowledge her and take the leaflet she was giving me. I know, I know. I sounded like I’m the bitchiest person in the planet, but you can’t blame me if I get easily irritated with people who give away stuff like that. I mean, some of them would even shove it to your face and get angry if you tell them you’re not interested. But not with this one.

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