Top 3… 4… and 5 Shinning SHINee Moments

As many of you know I am a big SHINee fan. And most of the people I meet would often ask me what my favorite SHINee moments are. To be honest, THERE ARE JUST SO MANY. But for the past few weeks that I’m following their 10th anniversary comeback…

SHAMELESS PLUG: You are all required to watch the MVs of 데리러 가 (Good Evening) and I Want You before proceeding with this post. Hahaha Please? YouTube videos are already embedded below. Haha Thank you!


…sorry (not sorry haha) about that. Anyway, for the past few weeks that I’m following their 10th anniversary comeback, it really got me thinking, what are my favorite SHINee moments? I still have a long list, but I was able to come up with my top three (3) five (5) shinning SHINee moments in random order. Oh please don’t make me rank. It’s already hard enough to come up with this list. Hahaha Anyway, ready?

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That’s When I Knew…

Today, May 22, 2018, marks 10 years of SHINee’s Replay. Yahoo! #HappyReplayDay one and all!

And because of that, SHINee MVs and video performances have been playing on my TV since I started working this morning. It made me wonder a bit, what turned me to a Shawol? Hmm… To be honest, I’m not a pre-debut Shawol, not even a 2008 Shawol. I’m a late bloomer, if one must put it.

So when did I know I’m a Shawol?

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[YEAR-END POST] Paw-printing 2017 & Other Unexpected Stories


Note: No photo stealing please. Do not take out an my photos out of my blog. Thanks!

It’s that time of the year again. I haven’t been very active here, but still I’m excited to look back on the year that was. How do I sum up this year? Well, the golden saying “expect the unexpected” is a perfect way to describe 2017. So many things didn’t go as planned, but it ended up better than what expected. It’s all about seizing the day no matter what: FEARLESS!

So, without further ado, let me give you a rundown of 2-0-1-7!

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Who Needs Encouragement?

Today has been a really stressful day at work. Not only because of the lessons I had to study, but also because of the incidents I had to investigate and file. Did I mention my pile of paperwork is growing tall on my desk? *insert sigh here* I maybe a one tough cookie, but such things wear me out too. To be honest, it’s actually difficult for me to focus on my tasks because I am also mentally and emotionally affected.

My point is, and I’m putting this out there because, I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT! And where can I get encouragement…?

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[FANFIC FRIDAYS] Love Her and Keep Her

Because you need 101% Hanbin feels before reading this fic. So let me help you…


“Today is the first day of your third year in high school – well it will be if you make it on time.”

How is this even possible? But wait a minute, it was today that he will meet Sarang for the first time. God gave him a second chance and there was no possible way he was going to allow mistakes this time.

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