[PAWPRINTING PLACES] Weddings and Staycations

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Last February 6, 2016, my childhood best friend, whom I love for life, finally tied the knot with her fiance. The very lovely ceremony took place at around 2pm in Sto. Domingo Church (where all the possible nostagia for us can happen haha).

Our gowns were exquisite and exclusively made by the masterful hands of Jon Salcedo. The official wedding photos were taken by JR Salonga.

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During the preparations, Tin (my best friend a.k.a. the bride) suggested to me to stay in the hotel. I wasn’t really sold with the idea at first because I live near Sto. Domingo Church and I didn’t really want to spend too much. However, the MOH cannot go MIA (well, at least with what I’ve read in wedding blogs… Hey, don’t judge me. Hahaha), so I resolved to reserving a room in B Hotel in QC (review starts here, guys haha).

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As early as December 2015, I booked a one night stay in the hotel. The room I picked was a Superior King room for Php 3,800. Booking through their website was easy. I didn’t have to course through external booking websites to reserve. They had this really cool promo back then where you just have to pay a 10% downpayment to secure your reservation. So initially, I only had to pay something around Php 380 to book using my card. As soon as I’m done, I’ve received my booking itinerary in my email.

 photo 20160205_185131.png

The industrial design and solid color palette really caught my attention. In pictures, it may look like some parts of the hotel is being renovated, but in actual, it’s unique design will make you feel you’re in a semi-futuristic location.

 photo 20160206_071157.png

I checked in at around 4pm. The concierge was very helpful and informed me of everything I need to know about my room and the hotel amenities. My electronic key card can only access the common floors (pool, parking, etc.) and the 10th floor where my room was located. I think a lot of hotels already employed this security. But eventually, I had to ask additional access to several floors because of the wedding preparations the next day. At first, they were hesitant, but I explained that I need to get my make-up done on the 11th floor and get dressed on the 8th floor. Eventually, they gave me access through one of my key cards.

 photo 20160205_163521.png

 photo 20160205_163140.png

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The room itself looked fantastic and very spacious. The big window towards the other end of the room gives a view of the Timog area. It comes with a desk with a large mirror, along side with the television hooked with cable TV, typical room amenities like toiletries, towels, bedroom slippers, blow dryer, laundry and press bags. The cabinet is positioned beside the door. It’s my first time to have the sink outside the bathroom. Instead of a typical wall separation, the bathroom is being separated by a big glass. On top, a curtain blinds are attached to secure privacy during use. It’s quite fascinating. Haha

Among the amenities, I was able to use the swimming pool area, which had a infinity pool-like design. You don’t have to bring a room towel with you because they will supply you with a pool towel while relaxing and getting sun-soaked on the chairs. They also have a bar near the pool, but I didn’t dare to avail any drinks because I swam at 9 in the morning. Hahaha

Other than the pool, I was also able to avail of the buffet breakfast. They serve wide variety of food and dishes are different for each day. Did I mention we extended our stay? Haha Yes, we did. My youngest sibling got too excited, so I told her we can stay for another night. Imagine how much her eyes twinkled after she heard the news.

Some other things you need to know:

  • Food and drinks are available from their kitchen. A menu is supplied in the room. However, they will also allow you to bring in food (well, we did bring in a bilao of pancit with us).
  • The fridge a.k.a. mini bar is stocked with food, but with an extra charge. Everything inside is expensive than the usual. Might as well grab a bite outside or buy from the nearest convenient store for your needs.
  • New toiletries are supplied every time housekeeping makes your room. It’s free of charge!
  • The room is big enough for 4 people (sleeping capacity). Not sure if they will charge an excess head, but they didn’t charge us anything even when my 2 other siblings slept with me during my entire stay.
  • Local calls are subject to charge.
  • Wi-Fi is free for the whole duration of stay. Concierge will supply your own username and password.

On the other side, I think I can say some things I disliked about B Hotel:

  • Rooms of the guests for the wedding are on different floors. It was very difficult to get to one floor and then to another, considering there were a lot of events happening in the hotel all at the same time.
  • Key card kept on resetting. I had to go back to the concierge to have it fixed.
  • There were only 2 guest elevators, which is also sometimes used as a service elevator.

I think that’s it. other than anything else, my over-all experience was very pleasant and above from what I expected. I definitely got what I paid for and it’s a really good venue for wedding preps and staycations. Will I book again for B Hotel? Yes! Will I recommend it to any of my friends? Of course.

Have your next staycation or any event in B Hotel Quezon City.

14 Scout Rallos Street, Barangay Laging Handa,
South Triangle, Quezon City,
1103, Philippines

Telephone number: (632) 771 8181
E-mail address: info@thebhotelqc.com

Big shoutouts to Mr. and Atty. Jhing Malto. Congratulations on your wedding! 🙂


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