Because I am celebrating Taemin’s comeback…

“What?” Taemin threw one hand over the back of the sofa and used it for leverage, slowly reducing the distance left between you and him. “You don’t think I could make you fall for me?” Your eyes widened as he leaned even closer, his body shadowing yours. You tried to shift back, but you were already up against the arm of the chair. You had no doubt that if he tried, he could make you fall in an instant (but you weren’t going to tell him that). Before you could think of an intelligent, snarky response, he continued, “You don’t think I could…make you cum?”

Title: How To Lose A Bet

Author: a-cup-of-kpop

Fandom: SHINee

Pairings: Taemin/OC

Rating: MA

Genre: Romance, Smut

Themes: Sex, First time

Length: One-shot

Status: Complete


…And maybe I will be posting one more later because I’ve missed posting for FF for two consecutive Fridays. Haha Oh and from now on, I will be referring to FictionRatings when rating the fics I post. So please be guided accordingly. 😉


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