When Kpop Thinks Enough Is NOT Enough

I have been raving about Taemin for the past days, anticipating his long-awaited comeback, staying up late for his showcase and Blue Night radio guesting. Huh! Who said it’s gonna be enough for a fangirl’s weak heart?

As Jonghyun introduced the special episode of Blue Night, SMTown’s YouTube Channel released Taemin’s title single, Press Your Number. This song is produced by Urban Pop Masters Bruno Mars and Stereotypes.

The MV featured a blonde Taemin struggling with himself and his identity. (I don’t know if my analysis evem made sense, but seriously the swapping of identities and the mirror images actually gave me that idea.) It does have a catchy tone and a extremely knee-bending choreography (many thanks to Beatburger). The MV was shot in the US, just like Drip Drop perfomance video. I do hope SM will release a performance video for Press Your Number too… oh and a Beatburger project featuring Soldier, Taemin’s self-composed song, juseyoooooo! Haha

And even if Taemin’ comeback hooplah isn’t done yet, Music&New released a teaser for the 2nd part of Descendants of the Sun OST. Now, it’s enough or maybe not thrilling to know that Song Joong Ki ans SHINee’s Onew are also making their television-slash-Kdrama comeback, but when the agency suddenly drops a bomb on all Chen fangirls out there… that he’ll be collaborating with Punch for the part 2 OST of the aaid Kdrama, you know… it’s like palpitating 100 times and more.

The song is entitled Everytime. It will be released at 12 mn of February 25, 2016, hours after Descendants of the Sun’s first airing. Chen’s excellent vocals will be exhibited once again! I mean, who could forget his hit OST for It’s Okay, That’s Love? You know, the Kdrama starring D.O aka Actor Do Kyungsoo and Jo In Sung.

Okay, okay. Just in case you forgot, let me remind you.

~~내 마믈 고백 할래 너를 사랑해 Haha

Anyway, important dates to remember:

Feb 23 – Taemin’s guesting at Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

Feb 24 – First episode airing of Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong Ki, Song Hye-kyo, and SHINee’s Onew

Feb 25 – Release of Everytime, Chen and Punch collaboration for Descendants of the Sun’s OST

Feb 25 – Taemin’s M Countdown Comeback Stage

Feb 25 – Second episode airing of Descendants of the Sun

Feb 26 – Taemin’s Music Bank Comeback Stage

Feb 27 – Taemin’s Show! Music Core Comeback Stage

Feb 28 – Taemin’s SBS Inkigayo Comeback Stage



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