Rediscovering My Taste In Music

So it’s like one minute, I was working on my overdue papers for the office. Then, boom! I had an epiphany, many thanks to random genre-based playlist in Spotify.

You know that song in 50 First Dates? The one that Mark Mcgrath revived in the 2004? Well, if not, maybe you should consider listening to it as you continue reading down below.

(I think they didn’t make an official music video for his version of Ghost In You, but do watch the video. I swear the synthesizer graphics are hypnotizing. Haha Okay, I’m talking too much.)

The original was sung by Psychedelic Furs back in the 1984. Now, I wasn’t born yet that time. But if your mom is like a walking radio station, playing random 80’s songs here and there, I’m pretty sure the songs from the 80’s will grow on you. I was pretty educated to every popularized song in the 80’s era. However, I didn’t really consider myself as a fan of the 80’s until I was in high school. Thinking about it now, it’s a very broad era in music. I mean, one can like the 80’s because of Madonna or MJ or Abba or because of the spillovers from the previous decade (which is equally awesome, if you ask me). But for me, I like it because of new wave. So yeah, from A-ha to Tears For Fears (European synth yo!), I love them to bits!

It wasn’t until tonight (this is really the craziest to nonsense realization, but I swear it makes sense to me) that I was able to rediscover my love for new wave in the identity of modern synthpop and electronica. So as a tribute, I will be counting my top 3 new wave hits of the 80’s and synth-slash-psychedelic hits of modern times (in no particular order of preference, basta nasa top 3 sila hehe). Okay…? Okay!

80’s New Wave

Song: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)
Artist: Eurythmics
Year: 1983

Eurythmics is enough reason to like new wave and synthpop back in the day. The group is composed of a really talented synth master, David Stewart and that girl (yes, girl) with an orange pixie-cropped haircut and great vocals, none other than Annie Lennox. She actually did a pretty great job not only as a singer, but also her gender-bending stunts in almost if not all of their MVs. I think one of the first few females in the music industry who had the guts to dress as a man in performances. Well, what can I say? Lennox really had (and still has) that charisma, so why not?

Song: Together In Electric Dreams
Artist: Philip Oakley and Giorgio Moroder
Year: 1984

Okay. Don’t judge me, but I really, really, REALLY like this song.

Contrary to what everybody thinks, Together In Electric Dreams was not recorded by The Human League. It was just by the main vocalist, Philip Oakley, who collaborated with Giorgio Moroder for the single. Initially, the song was just intended for the movie (Electric Dreams), but eventually, they developed a music video with Oakley singing. In the MV, you’ll see clips from the film, with special focus on Miles, Madeline, and “Edgar,” the smart PC who basically can do anything and everything through electricity.

Song: Bizarre Love Triangle
Artist: New Order
Year: 1986

Who could forget the original bass-ful intro of this song? I really don’t know why, but New Order’s songs are somewhat hypnotic. The MV, on the other hand, looked very… weird. But I think it gave the song an additional flavor. Hmm… really though… I don’t understand why a man and a woman is is thrown on mid air. The aerial shots and the colors… I really don’t get it. But what the heck! I’ve heard so many covers and revivals of this song. However, nothing beats the original version.

Modern Psychedelic Synth

Song: Youth
Artist: Troye Sivan
Year: 2015

I was debating whether to post the lyric video or his Tonight With Jimmy Fallon performance. Then, I saw this. Hear Troye Sivan sing live; it’s like listening to the studio version with the clapping and cheers from the crowd. He is that good!

My brotha-from-another-motha, Jeff introduced me to this great artist. He accidentally stumbled upon Wild in iTunes Radio (genre: indie) and he eventually downloaded Sivan’s whole discography. Then, in one of our short road trips, he played the songs over and over. Did I mention that he was really raving about him? Hahaha So there.

Song: Boom Clap
Artist: Charli XcX
Year: 2014

Believe it or not, I liked this song first before I even read The Fault In Our Stars. In fact, I haven’t even seen the film yet (Sorry… but I’m not yet ready. Nakakaiyak daw eh. Di ako handa. Hahaha). It was so good that I had to follow Charli XcX’s music in Spotify. And you know what’s more interesting? She actually sung a Japanese version of this song. Weeeeeew! Adding to that, two music videos versions were released for this. One was shot in Amsterdam (you can guess why) and the other in Tokyo. The latter’s a bit hard to find, so I pinned it in this post as soon as I saw a copy. It’s quite difficult to play though.

Song: Take It Or Leave It
Artist: Great Good Fine Ok
Year: 2015

I stumbled upon Take It Or Leave It on Spotify Radio by accident. I wasn’t really going for indie that day, but when the song introduced itself with an interesting mix of synth and drum beat, I just had to keep listening.

Great Good Fine Okay is an American synth duo. I am so tempted to compare them with the Pet Shop Boys, but I realized their songs have a different flavor. Adding to that, the song’s MV is amazing! Choreographed by Chris Chawi, it was shot at the beautiful crowdful Santa Monica Pier in California. The suave and in-sync moves of the dancers made the song (and MV) more alive and definitely different from other “dance” MVs of their contemporaries. Great Good Fine Ok is a group that we should really keep an eye on coz they will produce great music in the future.

So what’s the moral of the story? Try using Spotify (hahaha a shameless plug and nope, this isn’t even a paid ad) coz seriously, there are thousands of noteable treasures hidden in that app. And who knows? You might also be able to revisit the genres/artists/songs you used to like and rediscover your passion in music.


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