Dealing With Unfinished Business

Two thousand fifteen was a really tiring, yet exciting year. It does deserve it’s own post, which I promise to do soon. Haha I had a lot of plans that did and didn’t work out last year. For the ones categorized on the latter, I decided to carry over some of them this year. I mean, I actually feel bad that I didn’t get to do them. So yes, I am going to make an effort to finally cross them out on my to-do list this year.

My 2016 list is pretty long and ambitious, so I will not share everything in this post – it also deserves a separate post so… Haha Anyway, I’m rumbling, so let me get to the point.


Travel Solo

I’m turning twenty-_____ (be careful when you fill in the blanks or you might just find yourself trapped in carbonite). If there’s anything I really want to do while I’m still single, it’s to travel on my own. Actually, this was supposed to be marked off the [2015 and bucket] list already. I booked a round trip flight to Singapore. I made an “epic” itinerary for myself. I even thought of unique hashtags. And Jean bought CAT1/VIP tickets for me to see GOT7 (good seats with hi-touch and most of all, FOR FREE). But due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to cancel everything. I was really sad… no, wait! I was devastated!

These are what I missed. Huhuhu

This one’s their latest song. I think the album wasn’t out yet when they sang this in the fan meet. So imagine my regret. Huhu

And of course, they sang my favorite GOT7 song. I hope I will get to see them sing this one live again.

(Credits to Coral How for posting the videos in YouTube. See more of her GOT7 Fanmeet in SG fancams here.)

So this 2016, I am putting all my efforts to make my first ever solo travel happen. When will it be? Will I pick Singapore again for my destination? Am I going to watch a (free? hehe) concert too? I really don’t know yet. I still need to replenish my travel funds and rethink my plans before booking again. But by hook or by crook, I will be travelling solo this year. I’m claiming it!

By the way, if you are planning to travel to Singapore, consider staying in The Pod – Boutique Capsule Hostel. They pretty much have everything a solo traveler on budget needs and their location is pretty much accessible to everything. They have good reviews too. Then, if you don’t mind, please do drop by this post again and personally tell me how it went for you. Yup, just comment down below.


Run A 5-kilometer Race

I’ve been meaning to get back into shape, so I can properly surf. In fact, I downloaded Couch to 5K Running Plan last summer and diligently followed the training schedule. I was so on fire about it that I also go biking after I run.Screenshot_2016-01-02-01-16-48The good news is I actually succeeded for the first 4 weeks. But as soon as desk work resumed, I also had to say goodbye to running and go back to my not-so-effective -exercise, aka walking from the transportation terminal to my house. It got worse when classes in school began. Exercise got totally erased in my plans. Adding to that, I had to back out from a running event back in October because I was too tired to train.

I am going to pledge to train again so I can join at least one running event this year. If you’re also interested, you may visit or Pinoy Fitness for the list of running events in the next few months. They also post training plans that fit lifestyles of different people. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see each other in The Bull Runner next year. Hahaha I know, right? I’m really that ambitious. But just like that Filipino saying… HINDI MASAMA MANGARAP.


Join NaNoWriMo

I think among the three things I’ve listed, this is the most… undoable? Hahaha Every freakin’ year, I promise to “try” to join NaNoWriMo. But every year, I also fail. Ouch!

Last year, Mabs, Daene, and I learned how to write love stories and design stories (Storywriting 101) under the tutelage of Dr. Joem AntonioScreenshot_2016-01-02-01-22-23Adding to that, my boss, Teacher Melissa Cumpio, kept on bugging me to finish my Arrow multichapter fic and Daene succeeded with her NanoWriMo goal (I’m so proud of you, Dude!). These gave me a much needed nudge to inspire me to write my own novel, considering I’m already into writing fan fiction.

Okay… fine! No more excuses. I will write a draft of my novel this year. I do have tons of outlines ready to be written. I just need to fine time to really sit and write them. Well, I also need a good playlist and a nice coffeehouse to go to when I do this. Any suggestions?


It’s only January 2, but I’m already pumped up and ready with 2016. After all the craziness of 2015, I promised to be and do better this year. Crossing my fingers for these and many other things planned to happen.


Let me know your thoughts

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